The Catacombs of Paris
Want to have a darker, different look at Paris? The Catacombs of Paris offers you a journey into the “Empire of Death”. Located at Place Denfert-Rochereau, the ossuary holds the bones of about 6 million people, in a 3 km underground cavern. Entering these caves require a lot of patience; I had to wait about 1h15 to enter the Catacombs. After descending a spiral stairwell of 19 meters to darkness, you can really feel something strange, but unexplainable. What you see in these caverns is truly amazing; tons and tons of bones and skulls of people that were once like you and me. By going through the corridors, which measures about 1,5 km, you really understand why this has been done, and how it has been done (thanks to the very useful audio guide). This is probably the most incredible attraction you can do in an hour and a half all over Paris. With a student price of 6 €, you cannot leave the City of Lights without seeing it. I highly recommend it.

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