See Paris top sights on a Seine cruise
Many Paris famous sights are on the Seine river banks, including Notre-Dame, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum and the Orsay Museum.
With so much to see leisurely from the river, go on a Seine river cruise during your Paris visit.
You will forever remember a Seine dinner cruise, as you then combine a great French dinner with the spectacular illuminations of Paris at night.
Since the Middle Ages, Paris has embellished the Seine river banks. The result is a marvelous landscape, best seen from the Seine river.
The Seine river is lined with old quays and crossed by 37 beautiful bridges, including Pont Neuf (1607, the oldest Paris bridge), Passerelle des Arts (1801) and Pont Alexandre III (1900). Go on a Seine river cruise with streetview, you will not regret it. PS:But don't forget your jacket at home, the wind is so strong on the cruise.
The prices vary, and the chepest ticket is 12 euro.

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