Les Invalides

“Le Palais des invalides”
Want to learn more about the important periods of French history? “Le Palais des invalides” is one of the most popular to do so. In fact, the palace, which is in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, was commissioned in 1670 by King Louis XIV. In this building you will have the opportunities to visit the department of ancient weapons and armor, the church’s dome and the tomb of Napoleon I, the department of the two world wars, the “historial” of Charles de Gaulle and the department of modern history including the Napoleon’s I history. To take advantage of all these museums, you must pay 7 euros for those entitled to the discount, if not a full fare is 9 euros. As for European students, admission is free. To get to the palace, you can take line 13 and exit at St Francois Xavier, Varennes or Invalides, line 8 and exit at Latour-Maubours, invalides or you can take the RER C and exit at invalides.

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